1 year anniversary

It’s been a year, July is not our favorite month but we’ll get through it no matter what.
A lot happened in this year, life goes by so fast and we don’t even notice

Cory was beautiful and nice person, an amazing actor, an amazing drummer and singer. He wasn’t the best dancer but he was cute trying at least doing that.

He didn’t make the best choices in his life but he learnt from them. He made mistakes in the past but no one cares about what he did back then. He was our person, even though we didn’t even met him but he was the role model for a lot of people, his fans, his gleeks.

Remember what he said before he left us: “Love is how you stay alive, even after you’re gone”
He didn’t left us, he didn’t die, he just took the midnight train going anywhere, he’s rocking in heaven. He’s watching over us and he’s watching over Lea Michele.

"Life’s too short to be serious"
-Cory Monteith (1982-∞)

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